Monday, January 7, 2019

Press Release: Just Published - Fairy Tales with a Mexican Twist

January 7, 2019

Fisher King Press announced today their newest publication:

Fairy Tales with a Mexican Twist: Soul Stories

by Jacqueline Gerson

illustrations by Saúl Kaminer

Fairy tales convey life’s magic, reflecting the deep psychological themes that govern the outcomes of our lives. Written in simple language, these stories take us along soul’s path once more, revealing how the issues of today can still yield new restorative meanings. This fresh set of tales introduces characters who invite the reader to think the unthinkable, explore the unknown, and feel what is irreconcilable—resulting in a deeper experience of life itself. Staged in remote corners of the world where healing mysteries can be summoned when life’s dilemmas emerge and right and wrong are no longer clear, Gerson’s fairy tales show that there are still Gods and Goddesses who can intervene when humans lose their way on life’s journey.

In simple language, deep psychological themes concerning the soul’s path are illustrated through new fairy tales which bring up life’s magic into often present everyday issues. 28 color illustrations.

About the Author
Jacqueline Gerson is a Jungian analyst with a private practice in Mexico City, where she works as an analyst, teacher, and supervisor. With a lifelong passion for dance and movement, she first approached dreams as spontaneous choreographies created by the psyche. Eventually, that discovery led her to the study of Analytical Psychology to become an individual member of the IAAP. She lectures on topics related to analytical psychology and has been published in The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, with Daimon Verlag, Brunner-Routledge, Spring Journal, as well as the Mexican magazine Epoca. As a new way for her to relate to most sensitive aspects in life, writing stories became apparent. Her special joys are grandmothering, dance movement, writing, poetry, and nature.

About the Illustrator
Saúl Kaminer was born in Mexico City on July 8, 1952. He graduated as an architect from the Mexican National University (UNAM). He started his artistic work in 1970 and moved to Paris in 1976 where he worked intensely in his paintings and sculptures. After 22 years in France, Saul continued his artistic work in Mexico. So far, he has had 65 individual expositions and participated in 160 collective expositions in various countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Title: Fairy Tales with a Mexican Twist: Soul Stories
Author: Jacqueline Gerson
Illustrator: Saúl Kaminer
Paperback: 170 pages with 28 color illustrations
Condition: New
Publisher: Fisher King Press (January 7, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1771690461
ISBN-13: 978-1771690461
Also available as an eBook from Google Play
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