Monday, November 30, 2015

Mark Winborn and C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago

Fisher King Press author Mark Winborn, PhD, NCPsyA will be presenting three days of presentations and teaching at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. On Friday, Dec 11 from 2 pm – 5 pm, Dr. Winborn will be doing a public presentation based on his edited book Shared Realities: Participation Mystique and Beyond. Then on Saturday Dec 12 from 9 am – 12 noon he will be providing a program titled “Bion and Jung: Intersecting Vertices” to the analysts and candidates of the Chicago Institute. Finally, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning he will be conducting a workshop for the institute’s analytic candidates entitled, “Speaking with Complexes: The Art of Analytic Interpretation.”

In addition to “Shared Realities,” which was nominated for the 2015 NAAP Gradiva award for best published works in psychoanalysis, Dr. Winborn is also the author of Deep Blues: Human Soundscapes for the Archetypal Journey. Dr. Winborn resides in Memphis, TN where he is currently the Training Coordinator for the Memphis-Atlanta Jungian Seminar. In addition, he serves on the Executive Committee for the American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis.

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