Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two New Inner City Books

Now Available: Two new Inner City Books publications.

Orders can be placed directly with Inner City Books or by phoning Fisher King Press.

Here's more info on the forthcoming publications from Inner City Books: Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts:

BEES, HONEY AND THE HIVE: Circumambulating the Centre
(A Jungian exploration of the symbolism and psychology).
Frith Luton (Melbourne, Australia) (2011)
ISBN 978-1-894575-32-7.  Index  Sewn  208 pp. $30 

The symbolism of bees, honey and the hive intertwine, but at the core is the imagery of the circumambulation of the centre. For bees, this is a dynamic in the service of the queen bee and the preservation of the hive. In depth psychological terms, circumambulation is linked with mandala symbolism or the Self, archetype of inner order. The author brings together her experience as a beekeeper and insights gained in her work in depth psychology, particularly through an appreciation of Jung’s work on the synthesis of opposites in alchemy. She trained in Zurich.

RISKY BUSINESS: A Jungian view of
Environmental Disasters and the Nature Archetype

Stephen J. Foster (Boulder, CO) (2011)
ISBN 978-1-894574-33-4.  Index  Sewn  128 pp.  $25

What is our relationship with nature and the Nature archetype? Can we deepen our understanding of the implications of environmental disasters through an exploration of myths that illustrate the results of greed and environmental destruction? Is there a way to clean up our act? Stephen Foster is uniquely positioned to address these questions because of his expertise in both environmental cleanup and Jungian psychology. Drawing on Jung’s complex theory and work on archetypes, Foster combines his background working as a scientist on hazardous waste cleanup projects and his training as a Jungian analyst to examine the psychological problems of toxic environmental spills. Specific toxic spill case studies illustrate how the Self can work within a group to resolve conflict.

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