Friday, November 5, 2010

Live Your Nonsense

Live Your Nonsense: Halfway to Dawn with Eros (A Jungian approach to Individuation)Live Your Nonsense: 
Halfway to Dawn with Eros (A Jungian approach to Individuation)
Daryl Sharp (Toronto)
ISBN 9781894574310. Index. 128 pp. 2010. Inner City Books

From the author’s Introduction:

This book is inspired by Jung’s cogent observation on the serious nature of nonsense:

“People sometimes think that analysis will take the place of life; they protect themselves in that way against much nonsense that might be lived. But mind you, if you don’t live your nonsense you will never have lived at all, and the meaning of life is surely that it is lived, not avoided.” Nonsense does not always involve Eros, and the erotic is not always nonsense. But in my experience the two have generally gone hand in hand. This book recounts some of my own and others’ nonsense and hopes to give some insights into what that might mean in life.

Nonsense is not necessarily frivolous, foolish or sinful. It may be politically or socially incorrect, but it is often a pointer to the essence of one’s personality, which is what we Jungians call individuation—becoming who you were meant to be. This is far, and only the swift reach it and are delighted.

A Jungian with a sense of humor? Not an oxymoron, but Daryl Sharp. Here is an author able to put complex ideas into words and real-life situations that laymen can understand. It is a rare ability.
—Robertson Davies, author of Fifth Business, The Manticore and The Cunning Man.

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